Arapahoe bar location
Arapaho recreational gold panning park

Family Fun Gold Prospecting!

Gold prospecting can be family event, like a vacation at home..a Stay-cation!   Colorado offers hundreds of recreational activities that are close and affordable.  A family on a budget can find many things to do right in their own backyard.   If you live in Denver and surrounding communities you literally have something that is fun,  within walking distance and could be financially rewarding!

Gold Prospecting is fun for the whole family and is becoming one of the hottest “fun things” to do outside and close to home.  There are several “Gold Bearing” streams in and around Denver that have gold.  Denver was and is literally built on it!

To get started you will need a shovel, a snuffer bottle  and a gold pan .    You can get a prospecting kit from Gold Cube.

FACT: The platte river is the main source for gravel and concrete and is loaded with gold!  Your house, sidewalks, roads and play grounds all have gold in them.  In other words, you could be walking and driving on gold right now!

Colorado is gold country so why not go get some yourself?

Here are two places you can go:

Arapahoe Bar

Directions: From I 70 take exit 264 and go West on 32nd Avenue then, one block to Youngfield Service Road. Head North on the service road to its end and park along the West side of the dirt parking lot by the Historical Sign.

Please take a look at the Historical sign (donated by Gold Cube ) for a quick history on the site and in particular, the rules and regulations. Take the pedestrian path to Clear Creek and follow the signage. The regulations require you to prospect on the North side, but this may be impossible depending on runoff. As long a you stay in the creek and not on the south bank where the pedestrian path is you should be ok.

Arapahoe bar gold prospecting

School kids enjoying Arapahoe Bar

Clear Creek Canyon

Clear Creek Canyon offers  gold prospecting controlled  by Jefferson County. There are several areas to pull off and some even have restrooms! Hint: watch for people panning on the creek, it’s a good place to start.

Jefferson County has some very simple rules to follow here

More Places to Explore!

Kevin Singel’s book “Finding Gold In Colorado” is a great resource for Colorado. Visit his website for more “Honey Holes”.  The Gold Cube Website has inexpensive gold prospecting equipment to get you started!  Good Luck , live long and prospect!