Banjo Pan- Wolrds Fastest Gold Pan

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Small pic of blue banjo pan
Black Banjo Pan
Small Pic of Pink Banjo Pan

Banjo Pan – Worlds Fastest Gold Pan

The Banjo Pan is the Worlds Fastest Gold Pan using the Gold Cube principles (degrees of separation) we’ve come up with a pan that combines a sluice and a gold pan for continuous production with a removable vortex collection mat.   Not only continuous panning without stopping (similar to a sluice box) but performs wet, dry or underwater!

So Easy To Use!

Simply scoop your material into the Banjo Pan and dip it into the stream using a rocker motion to gradually flow the material over the mat.  The Banjo Pan is designed to automatically provide the correct angle for the mat to work properly.   When done processing carefully remove the mat and clean-out into the pan! Directions are on the back of the pan.

Nationally Tested

Creating  a new gold pan involved Banjo Pan beta testing to a select group of prospectors all over the country.  As the suggestions filtered in we realized we were on to something big. Several suggested techniques started to dominate our testing and in this video you will see the preferred method for continuous production in a stream or lake setting.  Mike Pung demonstrates the “rocker box” method which his favorite way to use the pan.  As time has passed we have made modification that increased the size, depth, added a drop bottom, made it nesting,  added colors and made the Vortex Matting removable so the clean out can be accomplished in the pan itself. Further testing showed that the Banjo Pan could be used wet or dry and was even found to work submersible.  Having a pan that was this versatile yet so compact has changed the way we look for gold.

Using the Banjo Pan

  1.  Make sure the bubbles gone from the Vortex matting, then fill the pan with material and submerse it to remove the larger rocks.
  2.  Hold the pan with one hand on the pan part and the other cradling the neck.
  3.  Rock the Banjo Pan sideways toward and away form your body at a slight tilt.
  4.  Dip the pan in the water periodically and continue moving your material over the Vortex Matting.
  5.  Continue this process until all material has been exited from the pan.
  6.  Check your nugget trap for gold and remove the matting into the pan for cleaning.
  7.  Typical panning techniques can now be used such as; back tap and wash method.
  8.  Snuffer out your gold and begin again!