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The Gold Cube is a very unique piece of gold prospecting equipment designed with the 21st century gold prospector in mind. In 2010 the US Patent office issued utility and design patents to Mike Pung and Steve (Red) Wilcox who introduced new terminology to the industry.  Words like G-Force separator, Vortex Matting,  Alternating modular trays are new and exciting terms among recreational and professional prospectors. The Gold Cubes processing power is amazing even for a small portable machine. It’s light and portable, runs on a 12 volt battery and typically processes 1,000 pounds of screened material per hour!  The Gold Banker attachment or the Trommel add even more functionality to the Gold Cube. When you clean you Gold Cube you will find all your gold with a little black sand and other heavies. So get your shovel, your Gold Cube is waiting…and it’s hungry! It is the best in prospecting equipment!

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“I used it repeatedly and I believe skeptics will be convinced of its huge value in the clean- up process once they see it in use on National TV

Dakota Fred (Fred Hurt)
Dakota Fred (Fred Hurt)Gold Rush Star

“You have an amazing product! So much so, if you know anyone who wants to buy a second hand spiral wheel or blue bowl, send them my way.  I think they are going to be collecting dust in my garage”.

Brian Herbstreit
Brian HerbstreitProspector

I feel with the Gold Cube I will have NO problem finding and concentrating just about any gold in any creek or river I go to, you can’t go wrong with this system- “Cube it or Lose it!

Bill Kawa
Bill KawaWeb Developer

“We have used the same Gold Cube on all our guided Gold Strike Adventures for the past 5 years. The Gold Cube is the most reliable and versatile tool in our entire arsenal of gold prospecting equipment”

Don Finley
Don FinleyGold Stike Adventures

Our commercial gold mine uses Gold Cube with the trommel attachment every week…no joke!

Kc & Vee Morgan
Kc & Vee MorganCommercial Gold Miners


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Gold Cube LLC

Welcome to the new Gold Cube website!  This WordPress site is responsive to devices and offers account options for customers to track packages, sales history, shipping options and more.  Our goal is to make your life as a prospector fun and productive by creating innovative products like the Gold Cube but there is so much more.  By adding a couple of devices to the Cube like the Gold Banker, or the trommel you will increase your gold stash and still have a portable and fun 12 volt machine.  Be sure to check our latest invention called the Banjo Pan; the power of a Gold Cube in the palm of your hand. This unique pan was designed for continuous flow panning with the options of the typical stream application along with being the only pan that can be used dry as well as totally submersed!  We’re still adding to the content and plan to make Gold Cube the “Go to” site for all prospectors.  Check out our blog which will always focus on how to make your prospecting experience fruitful and fun.  Note to dealers:  If you are a dealer you will need to create an account and our administrator will contact you.

Image Arapahoe Bar Historid Monument

Stolen Heritage-The Story of Arapahoe City

Stolen Heritage

Dedication of the historic marker of Arapahoe City, April 28, 1946 Courtesy Colorado Historical Society

Stolen Heritage

Somebody stole a bronze plaque from a small stone monument just outside of Denver. The thief was likely after the $10 in scrap value. However, the loss of Colorado’s heritage is priceless. The monument honored a little-known and short-lived pioneer mining town named Arapahoe City, where many of Colorado’s notorious pioneers and prospectors called home in those early days of the gold rush. The monument was dedicated in 1946 by schoolchildren from the town of Fairmont, in an attempt to save the memory of the city before it slipped out of history. These school children collected every cobble of the stone monument, and the plaque was provided by the State Historical Society of Colorado – which no longer exists under that name. Fortunately, the stone pedestal remains, albeit in disrepair, and the plaque can be replaced, albeit not with a replica (as the donors and dedicating entities will change).


George Andrew Jackson

George Andrew Jackson

Arapahoe City was founded, like all gold rush towns, because gold is nearby. It was built along Clear Creek just east of North Table Mountain, near a large sand bar named after friendly (or hostile, depending on the account) Indians camped nearby.  “The Arapahoe Bar extends from a point near to Golden City to the mouth of Ralston Creek. Its frontage is about nine miles and has an average width of about one mile (and has) yielded gold to the amount of $200.00 a ton” (Rocky Mountain News Weekly “Clear Creek’s Golden Sands,” August 20, 1873). One of the men that discovered the bar in late summer or early fall of 1858 was Marshall Cook – a founding member of the town, the president of the Arapahoe Town Company, and a delegate to the convention which sought to establish the Territory of Jefferson. Cook would write down his accounts in an unpublished manuscript titled “On the Early History of Colorado”, an excellent primary resource.


Established in November of 1858, Arapahoe City would experience a rapid boom and bust. Because of its location between the more established towns of Denver City/Auraria and the mountains, prospectors, adventurers and merchants alike built their cabin there. Among those who called Arapahoe City home were George Andrew Jackson – discoverer of the large gold deposits of Idaho Springs – and John Hamilton Gregory – discoverer of the first lode gold deposits in Colorado at Central City. Tom Golden also lived here before supposedly having Golden named after him. Samuel Curtis was also a delegate for Arapahoe City and he platted out the original Denver City where he has a street there named after him to this day. David Wall grubstaked Gregory on his excursion, but he also brought seeds with him from back east and began the first market garden in Colorado. He also applied for and dug the first official water canal of the gold rush, the Highline Canal of Golden still exists today. All of these men would earn enough gold by panning the Arapahoe Bar to pay for a day’s food and shelter and could provision up for pioneering adventures.

John Hamilton Gregory

John Hamilton Gregory

By the end of 1859, Arapahoe City sent six delegates to the Denver Convention, had nearly 400 inhabitants, and was the temporary county seat. The first post office in the county was built there, as it was along two major wagon roads and a bridge crossing. However, Golden City and Golden Gate City have been constructed in strategically better locations, closer to the mountain lode gold discovered by Gregory. 1860 saw most of the plains towns, including Denver, nearly deserted in the summer months as men sought fortune in the mountains. Between the provisions of Denver markets and the winter quarters of Golden, Arapahoe City quickly lost its purpose and faded. By 1861, it only had 80 inhabitants and most of its buildings were entirely relocated to Golden.

We have already almost lost this history once before due to neglect. Arapahoe City is little mentioned, if at all, by even early historians. If not for the efforts of those schoolchildren in 1946, Arapahoe City would have inevitably faded into obscurity by now. That is worth a lot more than $10 in scrap. If you wish to donate to the restoration of the plaque, Gold Unlimited has set up a webpage. For a more in-depth look at the history of Arapahoe City, check out –  Manley, Joyce A. Arapahoe City to Fairmount: from a ghost town to a community.


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