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Broadway Bridge

We call it Broadway Bridge but it’s actually a series of bridges just down-stream from the Broadway Bridge. Some serious reconstruction was done on the I-25 “Mouse Trap” area by CDOT many years ago and there are now on ramps, off ramps, and the new I-25 bridges going across some very nice gold bearing areas.

Why so much gold here? The main reason is because of the method used to build the bridges. Many bridges built in this period were supported by steel reinforced concrete pillars resting on bedrock (caissons) and the hundreds of tons of gravel removed were spread out in the waterway and used for supporting structural needs. The gold you find here was literally mined from the earth and left as tailings in the creek bed. This is why you find gold downstream from a bridge and very little upstream.

It may be tempting to park in the industrial park that is conveniently located nearby, but there are rumours of towing however I personally have not been towed parking in at unoccupied buildings.

Next door is Mickey’s Top Sirloin Roadhouse where I’ve had a really great steak!