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Free Gold..Can you dig it!

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Free Gold – Can you dig it!

Do you buy gold ?  Owning gold is economically smart and gives many investors a very secure feeling whether you’re planning for your retirement or global economic collapse.  Gold has stood the test of time as a constant measure of value and will never go to zero. This said, most of the gold owned has been purchased with paper money.   Yes, we spend our dollars to buy this precious metal yet some investors don’t physically own the gold but in the form of a note or “paper gold” and others buy the real stuff in the form of coins or bullion.  But what about the guy who has no money to “invest” in gold? Here’s some good news, everyone can own gold..and it’s free!

If you are an American citizen then you have the right under the US Mining Act of 1872 to get it, trade it, and use it as currency.   You don’t even have to own a claim to find gold- just look around the area you live in and chances are you will find it under a bridge, in a culvert, a creek or river just be mindful of private property and always check with local jurisdictions first.

Secrets passed on

Many gold prospecting groups, such as the Gold Prospectors Association of America ( GPAA) and various gold prospecting groups across the country, own their own claims and allow members full access to their claims and other benefits.  Another great benefit of joining a group is the knowledge about your area and secrets that the elders share about finding gold.  This is an American heritage that has been passed on since the original settlers first put a shovel in the ground in 1858 and the thrill of finding your first piece of gold is something you will cherish forever.  It’s no wonder they call it gold fever!

The future of gold

The gold itself has not changed but the way it’s recovered is quite different, new inventors and companies have exploded on the scene making it possible to get the fine gold our prospecting ancestors missed.  Gold replenishes itself during floods and to a lesser degree spring runoff.  So it’s always somewhere out there waiting for the ambitious ones to come- n- get it.  What are you doing this weekend?

Gold Is a beautiful free gift of the universe hidden everywhere on our planet for everyone to take and to hold…and it free gold can you dig it!

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