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Pecos Street

Pecos Street is a little known area where Clear Creek runs over a false sandstone bedrock formation. It’s been a couple of years since I’ve been here but since the great flood of 2013 it could only have gotten better.

This Sandstone formation appears in WheatRidge in many places and also along the Platte River at Grant Frontier Park. It’s too bad that WheatRidge has outlawed recreational gold prospecting in town. Ironically, they are the managers of the Jefferson county Arapahoe Bar.

The best way to get this gold from the bedrock is to use a hand pump and I suggest the Gold-N-Sand hand pump! There are several places to set up a sluice box and possibly work the banks. A Gold Cube will work here too just remember the long walk so possible a wagon would help.

The plus: This is a very fun spot with thousands of wash holes and cracks where gold can hide. I was quite impressed with the gold I found here.

The con: The trek here is a couple of blocks long from the parking lot (marked in yellow on the map) and evidence of a few homeless camps in the immediate area.

Note: The video is not this area but similar with the clay and sandstone to give you an idea of how to get the gold.