Oklahoma Gold Pan

If you sweep the floor, you’ll get some more!

It was a cold day in HE…..January and I needed a gold fix. Since I couldn’t get out for new dirt and the Clean-up room was a mess, I decided to clean it up a bit. My goal was to be able to walk normal in it. If truth be told, the room is a catch-all and therefore it was full of buckets! I worked for awhile a got enough garbage thrown out and buckets stacked I was able to see the floor. What to my wondering eyes should appear? A little room to work and almost eight feet was clear. Then out in the garage there arose such a clatter….. Man I got to get Christmas out of my head!! Time to sweep the floor! It would have been nice to have something like this Bissell vacuum to help but alas, I had my broom.

I then took out the broom and started sweeping. I managed to get a pretty good pile of everything from sticks, dirt and even China stickers. Dirt, I got dirt! No more cleaning! Oklahoma Gold Pan We got dirt to play with!

The first thing we have to do is classify this stuff! Remember, the “Golden Rule” “If everything is the same size, GOLD RULES!” We are going to use the classifiers from Martin Prospecting. This set is amazing! All the mesh screens will slip into the main body and are able to be pushed out again with a plunger to be replaced with another size. All the screens range from 3/8″, 1/4″ and mesh sizes, 8-12-20-30-50-80 and 100. One of the biggest benefits of the design is the height of the sides . The deep sides will drop farther into a bucket. Twice as far as anything on the market!. Your material will stay in the water longer and clean faster. Give Todd Martin a call at (864) 586-1163 He will be glad to get you started with one today! A smaller set can be found Here

Now let’s take a look at the video an see just what I have been talking about and walking on.

Cool! Right? Yeah I know! I couldn’t believe the bigger pieces.

But it was the total clean-up with the 400 minus gold that was most impressive!

I swept out my truck with similar results. So here is the bottom line! Don’t let your honey know you are so willing to sweep the floor, but please pan it if you do. Boots buckets and equipment dry off when you get them home and they start shedding their gold. Let’s be there for them and not let the little gold guys get kicked around.

I don’t always sweep, but when i do, I PAN IT!

Here’s to a great year!!!!

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