Golden Rule

The Golden Rule is a term coined by Mike Pung: When everything’s  the same “Gold Rules”.  This saying refers to a way of separating your final concentrates into different size groups or “Classifications” where all individual groups are of different sizes.  This process makes it much easier to retrieve  you gold since gold is much heavier then everything else in you “classification” GOLD RULES.   Sizing piles of different classification has (in the past) been quite a tedious and costly process.

many screens vs Golden Rule

MIke holding screens vs Golden Rule

Until now, most classification has been performed by using individual screens ranging from #2 mesh (two squares per inch) to #400 mesh (400 squares per inch) and everything in-between.Imagine how many screens you would need to simply get all the gold from your concentrates!     Classification is the key to the Golden Rule and Gold Cube is proud to have the ultimate tool to get even the smallest gold from your concentrates. This unique product can perform 16 size classifications starting with #4 mesh all the way to #400 mesh and it’s all done with one small machine!  The beauty of the “Golden Rule” is you easily unscrew the jar and slip a new screen.  This unit is so small it can fit in the glove compartment of your truck and take the place of typical classifiers that you carry in the bed of your truck.

The Gold Cube is the fastest and most efficient super processor that can typically turn 1,000 lbs. of material into a couple of pound… super concentrates are a perfect match for the Golden Rule!   The Golden Rule is a perfect match for you.

The PRO PACK come with the most extensive collection of Mesh Screens..16 in all!                                     Check out the slider below.

all 16 Golden Rule screens

All 16 Screen

front view Golden Rule

Includes 2 jars and one ring

  • One Golden Rule replaces 16 individual screens.
  • All screens are clearly marked.
  • Screens are Stainless Steel.
  • Buy individual screens or kits.

16 screen pro pack- $70.00


2-Plastic Jars


16- Stainless Steel Mesh Screens 4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18,


front view Golden Rule

all 16 Golden Rule screens

16 Stainless Steel Mesh Screens!

Clean up Pack- $28.00


2- plastic jars


4 Mesh Screens- #16, #30, #50, #100

Ring & 2 jars-$15.00




Golden Rule Ring

Center Ring

Golden Rule Jar

Jar facing down

Jar up

two of two jars for Golden Rule