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Welcome to the new Gold Cube website!  This WordPress site is responsive to devices and offers account options for customers to track packages, sales history, shipping options and more.  Our goal is to make your life as a prospector fun and productive by creating innovative products like the Gold Cube but there is so much more.  By adding a couple of devices to the Cube like the Gold Banker, or the trommel you will increase your gold stash and still have a portable and fun 12 volt machine.  Be sure to check our latest invention called the Banjo Pan; the power of a Gold Cube in the palm of your hand. This unique pan was designed for continuous flow panning with the options of the typical stream application along with being the only pan that can be used dry as well as totally submersed!  We’re still adding to the content and plan to make Gold Cube the “Go to” site for all prospectors.  Check out our blog which will always focus on how to make your prospecting experience fruitful and fun.  Note to dealers:  If you are a dealer you will need to create an account and our administrator will contact you.

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  1. james warning
    james warning says:

    I am interested in using the gold cube with a trummel and would like to use a gas trash pump of about 3 hp and 52 gpm. Would this be too much water flow as its about 3000 gph? Do you have any suggestions as I was going to use it at the Thermal City Mine in North Carolina.

    • Mike Pung
      Mike Pung says:

      The fast water that is in the Gold Cube and the forces that it creates, (centrifugal and vortex) are what is necessary to retain the finer gold. But don’t use too much water either or you flush out gold. The 1100 GPH at full flow is what will give you the best results across the board. If you use a different pump or water source, use this method to make sure you are not over watering the system.

      1. cut a 5/8″ dowel rod to 10 inches.
      2. roll the dowel down the water tray slick plate and it will jamb and dam up the water all but an inch on either side.
      3. With the water on, you will see the water getting deep above the dowel.
      4. Watch the scooped out section of the plastic that forms the Cube side openings, the water should not overflow out those sides. If it stays contained, you are good, if it overflows, you need to dial back the water.

      With your pump, you will have to run at idle and use a valve to slow down water to the Cube. But with adjustment, you should be just fine.

      Hope this helps, let me know if there are any other questions. Mike


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